Kids we love them....right? I mean we signed up to have them. Oh and we knew from the beginning that they are costly! Right?

So when you brought home that bundle of knew about the clothes....the food....the education. The normal day-to-day raising of the kids.

What blew me away was the cost to have your child play sports. Woah! Especially as they get older and the idea of playing club. Now I know this is not something that is a necessity.....ok....that is not true.

I was told for my daughter to be able to play high school volleyball...the only way to go is to play club volleyball.

I will tell you I loved the time that Faith played club ball. She played for Amarillo Elite Volleyball, Club Amarillo, and JET Volleyball during her career.

She got to play in Dallas, Denver, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, and Oklahoma City. So the travel and meeting new people and new experiences was great! We loved every last minute of it.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Now mind you she played club ball from 2nd grade on until almost her sophomore year. If you have ever had the club experience it is not cheap.....worth it.....yes....but not cheap.

So at times I did feel like the "Bank of Bartlett". It costs to play club, of course, but then you have the costs of travel on top of that.....for you and your child (gas, food, hotel, entrance to watch adds up)

Of course as luck would have it......Faith gave up wanting to play volleyball in the middle of her Freshman year. So all that training....was it a waste? Heck no....she learned how to play on a team, manage her time, travel, have fun.....and work hard.

I may have felt like a bank....and as a parent....know that this may be the route for you too....but just know that it is great bonding time with your family and a truly great experience.

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