So when news of this came out Tuesday afternoon there is always talk. Who is it? What happened? Sometimes this kind of news can lead to some closure for a family.

From the Amarillo Police Department Facebook Page:

On May 5th at 12:30 PM, APD Homicide detectives were call to Amarillo Lake, southwest of Amarillo Boulevard and north Hughes Street, to investigate possible skeletal remains in the lake bed. Detectives are still at the scene and the investigation is ongoing. More information will be released once it becomes available

When I saw the news story pop up already a lot of people on Facebook were commenting. The name I saw come up a lot was wondering if maybe we finally can say we located Dorien Thomas. Where that would usually not be good news that these remains were found. I think in this situation the family would like some closure.

For those who don't know or are new to the area....Dorien Thomas, age 9, disappeared back on October 26, 1998. Since then there have been no real leads. He has not been found. After 22 years the family is not expecting to find him alive. So when a body is found all they can hope for is closure.

credit: Center For Missing And Exploited Children
credit: Center For Missing And Exploited Children

These remains were located on the North side of Amarillo which is the area Dorien went missing from. He was last seen with his bike riding around his neighborhood. He would be 31 years old now. All the family is hoping for now is to locate Dorien and be able to give him a proper burial.

For the city of Amarillo we have been following this case for years too. There is nothing more that we want then the family to be at peace and at least know where he is. All we can do is hope.

That was until news came out that the skull that was found was of an adult male. The skull had been in the lake bed for about a year. Officers conducted a search of the area but did not find any additional remains or any signs of criminal activity. That news makes it impossible for it to be Dorien.

The thing is that I know someone knows what happened. We just need someone to come forward and do the right thing. This family has been living with questions for decades.


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