Amarillo likes a good party. We do. Here is the thing. There are WAY too many people mad about this one!  I mean come on people!

So Amarillo for the past few years decided to have fireworks for the 4th of July on the Saturday before. OK. We don't have to have them at all. So the fact that we shoot off fireworks in Downtown Amarillo ahead of time. That is OK.

We are just extending the party. It's not like you won't have any other way to celebrate our Independence Day on the 4th. There is an all day celebration in Canyon you can enjoy. There will be Fireworks that night at Hodgetown. So you can also watch baseball and fireworks too.

So why is everyone angry? Yes, when the festivities were at John Stiff Park (Southwest Park....sorry I have lived here a long time) they were on the 4th of July. There wasn't an issue of businesses being affected and parking situations.

Once they were moved Downtown there needed to be a plan B. So moving the celebration was the best. Then you can celebrate on the weekend AND again on the 4th if you want. See this is America. We are giving you choices.

You don't have to go to one or the other. You can partake in both! America is great!

So watching people get so bent out of shape on Social Media is just amazing to me. I've seen people ask if we are going to move Christmas next? What? We spend time with our families that day. The city doesn't have to figure out logistics of a big party.

I see people complain in years past that the 4th is on a weeknight and then they have to get up for work the next morning. So Amarillo fixed that problem and people are still mad. We are never happy are we?

Amarillo is giving you an extra night to see fireworks and have another night to have something to do and you are still complaining. Oh and it is free. A free event for you and your family and still people are mad.

Sometimes I just don't understand people.

So if you want to have an extra night to watch fireworks and celebrate this great nation we have you covered in Downtown Amarillo.

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