We are all supposed to drink a lot of water. If you are successful in drinking at least eight glasses of water you may see a lot of your issues go away. Water is very important. Very few of us drink enough.

I am the first to say I will never go to the sink and pour me a tall glass. I am not a fan of Amarillo water at all. I do have a water cooler in my house and I will drink plenty from that. A lot of the issues we find during the day could really be dehydration that is causing them.

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So before you reach for aspirin or some other over the counter medicine to help you reach for a glass of water.

A lot of times when you are experiencing a headache it may not be anything more than you just needing more water. Reach for a glass before you take a painkiller. Give it some time and see if that helps.

I know there are a lot of times that I think I am hungry. I also realize that it really has not been a long time since I had lunch. A lot of times you are just dehydrated. You need to fill that belly with water. It is not looking for food. So try that instead.

You may find yourself feeling a lot more tired than usual. Should you go take a nap? Maybe but also you may just need more water. The same is true if you start to feel dizzy. Try to up your water intake and see if that resolves those issues.

When you are combating dehydration you may thing you only really need one glass of water. That is not necessarily true. Sometimes to get your body where it needs to be you may have to reach for four more glasses. So try that. See how much water really is your friend.


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