After being on a 12 day vacation, I was back at work yesterday.  As you know going back to work after being on vacation is never easy.  You have to get used to your routine again and I will admit that 4:30am alarm is something you really never get used to ringing in your ear, or shall I say screaming.  However,  yesterday was a little off.

coffee splash
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When I got to work, I had a pretty good morning on the air, I guess my brain was still in "Christmas" mode because when I talked for the first time, it was Amarillo's Official Christmas Station.  I laughed it off and kept going, because I had to get back into the routine.  It felt good to be back on the air.

Then it happened.  I got back to my office and docked my laptop on the right side of my desk and put my other things on the left side of my desk.  Those other things being my headphones and my coffee.  I was turned to the right logging into my computer and I turned in my chair to the left and my hand brushed my full cup of coffee (you know I just refilled it), and it went all over my desk.  I will tell you this, it was still covered in papers and notepads and other documents from before I went on vacation.  But here's where I panic, my headphones.

As you know in our jobs we have tools, and my headphones are a tool for my job and they are far from being cheap.  The coffee drowned my headphones.  I grabbed a roll of paper towels (doesn't everyone have a roll of paper towels in their office?), and proceeded to shove them into the inside of the ears of the headphones to soak up the coffee.  I also made sure that I got the liquid off the wires as well.  Then once I had the access soaked up, I just shoved more wads of paper towels inside the ear part of the headphones to catch what moisture was left.

Then I looked  at my desk to see the puddle of light brown liquid and wet light brown stacks of papers.  It was a doozy.  It was a very big cup of coffee.

After the panic of my headphones, I just giggled to myself, grabbed my trash can and swept the soaked mess off my desk into it, and thought, "I needed to clean my desk".

Then I just shook my head and thought, "what a waste of coffee."  It was, a very big waste of coffee.

My first day back to work in 2017, I spilled my coffee all over my desk.  I very rarely spill anything.  I spill coffee about once a year.  It is coffee after all, you can't waste that stuff.

So the way I see it is, yeah I spilled coffee, but what a great way to start my new year at work.  Do I see this as a good or bad omen?  I would like to think it was a good omen because I just laughed it off once I got it cleaned up.

I am hoping that this will be a year off laughing things off after they are cleaned up.

Luckily, it's spilled milk you cry over and not spilled coffee.  That's why, I'll stick to coffee in the morning.

The great thing is my headphones are working just fine and you can always refill your coffee cup.


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