When this all started it seemed weird to see people wearing masks. I mean unless you were in a doctor's office or somewhere medical. I was in Dallas when this outbreak first hit. They were on lockdown earlier and longer than we were in Amarillo.

So masks? They seemed so weird to see everyday people walking around. I didn't have one. I couldn't find one. I mean I am working mostly from home. I am not going out much. So I thought I could get through all of this without one.

Now that the state of Texas is opening up it really makes sense for your own safety to wear one. I mean it's also great for you to protect others. I feel, though, that I will get through more by saying you will protect yourself too.

There are several "Do It Yourself" videos online to make one if you don't already own a mask. I have seen people with a makeshift mask. They are using things like scarves and bandanas.

I want to make sure if I need to go grocery shopping I can protect myself and others. I broke down and ordered me my own mask. I thought I could get through without needing one. If the state is going to open and more and more people are getting out we need to be protected.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Even though I find it hard to recognize people with their masks on....it's also harder to understand what is being said....yes that is all true. The fact is that the numbers haven't gone down here in the Texas Panhandle. I realize this is a free country and wearing a mask is not mandatory. Just know that it is smart.

So if you need a mask still I will share where I got mine. They will mail or deliver to you and it's all by no contact. Order your mask HERE.

Let's really be All In Amarillo and wear those masks when you are in public.

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