Today is National Cappuccino Day. Rejoice hip coffee drinkers of the world!  Here’s to you, connoisseurs of cream! Today is your day.  There are several great places in town to pick up your cappuccino to celebrate.  My personal favorite is Palace Coffee on Polk.  The crew there is fantastic and the drinks are always great.  It's been my go-to morning spot for a few months now, and I always look forward to it.


If Cappuccinos really aren’t your style, today also just happens to be National Harvey Wallbanger Day.  If you don’t have the time to make it out to happy hour on the way home this evening, here’s a simple recipe for you to use to celebrate.

  • Grab Vodka.
  • Take vodka, pour in glass, shaker, or whatever you’re using (roughly 3 parts if you need a number).
  • Add a bit of Galliano (1 part if you’re still needing numbers).
  • Fill the rest of the glass, shaker, or whatever you’re using to mix with orange juice (6 parts for you numbers people) and then serve in a highball glass or plastic cup if you're like me and want to be really classy.

You can garnish with an orange slice and cherry if you’re really feeling fancy, or just go sit on the couch and get back to binge watching the episodes you’ve missed of "The Voice."

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