Yes, I know this probably doesn't constitute an actual emergency but to me the other morning it really did.

I get up every morning at about 4:15 am and get ready to head out the door before 5 am to get to work. OK part of my routine is to make breakfast. I don't want anything real heavy this early in the morning. I have to have something or I will never make it to lunch.

My morning routine is to dump my pre-made (I get it ready the night before) mix of goodies to my my Herbalife Shake. I pour in the water first in the blender and then the mix and finally the ice. I then blend it all up and pour in my "M" cup I bought myself at Walgreens. I then head out the door.

I have done this every morning for the past year heading to Mix 94.1. Ahhhhh but Tuesday morning was unlike any other one. That was the morning I will remember well. I heard an awful noise and watched as black plastic pieces broke off on my counter.

It was the bottom of my blender. I tried to reattach just to get the end of this shake made. I still ended up with a horrible smell and still some stubborn ice chunks in my cup. I had to make the best of it.

I went to work and tried to chug down the shake during my show. I just had to. Again I wouldn't make it to lunch otherwise. The next thing I had to do is come up with a plan.

I have absolutely no time to run to the store to buy a new blender. I can not wait until this weekend to buy one. It has to be done now. So I had to get on Amazon and find a replacement. I mean I work until 7 pm most days and try to get to bed by 8:30 pm. That doesn't leave me much time to shop locally. I do that on the weekend.

So I have had to suffer 2 whole days with a protein bar for breakfast. Today is the day. I will have my new blender and be able to go back to my regular routine starting tomorrow. Yay!

I know not really an emergency but for me it kind of was. I am glad that everything will be back to normal tomorrow morning.

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