So much food. So much fun. So little time. Which does lead to a lot of stress in your life.

Christmas and New Years is supposed to be a lot of fun. Oh and it is. It's just sometimes that fun can lead to some problems.

Food, fun and stress,.all of that combined, can really derail all of your attempts the rest of the year to be healthy. You may feel burned out from everything and that doesn't help. You need to recoup a bit from everything you have been dealing with this holiday season.

Tips to help you deal with it all:

1.Disrupted sleep. Let's face it we had a lot of parties and late nights. The best thing you can do now is to get up at your normal time. Even on the weekend. Otherwise you risk getting in a cycle of bad sleeping habits.

2. Too many cocktails. Dehydration is one of the main factors of a hangover, so try to drink at least a glass of water or sports drink before you to to bed, this will help you replace lost electrolytes and normalize your blood sugar.

3. You may still have family over for a few more days. If this is the case you may have what we call family overload. Try to find opportunities for some much needed alone time. Maybe make an excuse to run to the store for something that was "forgotten" that down time may be just what you need.

Look for the conclusion. The foods you need to watch out for in the New Year.

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