The Hoodoo Mural Festival is one of my favorite festivals we have in Amarillo. The art work is incredible. The artists are all insanely talented. The fest goes a long way in helping add personality and beauty to the downtown area, and it's happening Oct 2.

What is the Hoodoo Mural Festival

The Hoodoo Mural Festival takes months to complete. It all starts with the application process. The application period this year seemed to go pretty quick. On social media, organizers even mentioned how they received tons of applications, and were able to fill up the fest pretty quick.

From there it goes to planning, and eventually painting the murals. Once that's done, it's time for the fest.

Who Participates in the Hoodoo Mural Festival

To be poetic, the whole city of Amarillo. To be more specific , artists from all over. They come from as far away as just outside of Portland. Also, these artists are for the most part mural artists. They understand how to get the most out of their space.

What are the Murals Like

The murals are as unique as the individual artists themselves. The themes, messages, and styles all vary from mural to mural. That's what makes the Hoodoo Mural Festival so much fun. When you go out to look at all of the murals, you're going to get to see a wide variety of incredible art.

Where is the Hoodoo Mural Festival

It's downtown. You'll want to be on Polk on Oct 2 to get in on the action. There's even a silent disco that's going to be taking place.

You can find out more by following this link to their Facebook page, or follow this link to their website for info on the artists, maps, and tickets.

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