So I found myself in a a nostalgic mood over the weekend.  I found myself in that mood when I walked into the grocery store and saw it sitting there in a big beautiful display.  It was speaking in a whisper, "buy me, you know you missed me, buy me."  It was Zima.

I gave in to the whisper and picked up that 6-pack of Zima and put in my cart.  I'm giggling like a 20-something getting ready to feel grown-up because I have my Zima.  Oh and conveniently, they had the Grenadine right there next to the display of blue, black and silver bottles.

It got it home and threw one in the freezer to chill it to cold, really cold, because I mean, hot Zima was never good.

Then the moment came, I twisted the lid, heard that pish of air escape and the bubbles, then poured a bit of the Grenadine into the bottle, and took a sip.

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

It wasn't good, it wasn't good at all.  It did however flash me back to the 90s and I remember thinking, "why am I drinking this, it isn't good."

Oh well, now I know why it went away.  Nostalgia can sometimes lie to you.

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