We have all done it! We get out of bed and want to get that morning gunk out of our mouth. So we head to the bathroom and brush our teeth and rid us of that morning breath.

Well then we head for our morning breakfast. We take a big swig out of our orange juice. That is when it hits us! That horrible taste in our mouth. Why does that delicious orange juice do this?

It turns out that there is an ingredient that creates suds in toothpaste called sodium lauryl sulfate. They call it SLS for shore. It is found in other things like soap and shaving cream.

One of the side effects when it ends up hitting your tongue is that it temporarily kills your ability to taste sweet things.

So as it turns out orange juice is pretty bitter if you remove all the sugar. So that is what you are left with. Since the SLS prevents you from tasting that sugar, you end up tasting more of the bitter stuff.

SLS also interferes with certain compounds that normally reduce bitterness. So you end up with even more bitter. No sweetness in sight to mask it. That is the reason it tastes so bad.

The best way to avoid this is to wait to eat breakfast. Or at least drink that orange juice. Or maybe eat and then brush.

Just remember that you're supposed to wait 30 minutes anyway to brush if you have had any citrus because it can damage your enamel.

So you can avoid that awful taste. The funny thing is we have all done it! That is one horrible taste! Are there any other foods or drink that you have had a similar experience with? Comment below.

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