How would you like to experience nature in a very awesome way.  You get to enjoy beautiful scenery including plants and wild life.  You get to enjoy delicious cuisine and you get to enjoy the company of some very wonderful people.  If this sounds heavenly to you then you need to make plans and get your tickets for the Wildcat Bluff Wild Fusion Culinary Challenge. 

So what exactly is the Wild Fusion Culinary Challenge?

Wildcat Bluff is bringing together 6 local chefs in a cooking competition.  They will have to incorporate local and wild flavors into their creations.  Those flavors include mesquite, prickly pear and wild plum.  Each chef will be responsible for 2 dishes that include these ingredients.

A panel of 5 judges will taste the creations and decide who wins.  Plus the crowd will get to decide their favorite as well.

Guests will get to enjoy culinary delights from the Amarillo Club, BL Bistro, Crush, OHMS, and Public House.  They will also get to enjoy a prickly pear gelato from Cowboy Gelato.

Tickets are available now for $30 per person, kids 10 and under $10.

So make plans to come on out and enjoy this twist on a Cowboy Brunch

Wildcat Bluff Wild Fusion Culinary Challenge

Saturday, October 3rd, 10a -12n


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