I remember when my daughter was growing up I would hunt for fun things for us to do. I didn't want us sitting around all day long just watching TV. I mean I wanted to get her out and let her learn about the area we live.

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The Discovery Center is teaming up with Wildcat Bluff Nature Center to help find you and your kiddo just the fun activity to get out and have fun. Oh, and learn. Now part of this does involve taking a nature walk. Which sounds cool. I mean it is January so it could be pretty chilly.

Luckily I looked ahead and the ten day forecast shows the date in question to be in the fifties. So perfect to grab a jacket and go.

credit: Wildcat Bluff Nature Center
credit: Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

So Toddler Tracks is what it is called and it is for you and your toddler under five years old. It will be happening on Friday, January 14th. What are the details you may wonder?

Toddler Tracks is for explorers age 5 and under and a caregiver.

We read a nature-themed book, do a craft or hands-on activity and go for a nature walk on our Libb's Trail.
Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle, we go out for our nature walk in all kinds of weather, although rain generally makes it a bit shorter!
Sometimes we end up at the Dino Dig or the pond too. We see where the interest takes us outside.
Toddler Tracks is the second Friday of the month from 10-11am.
Free with admission
FREE for Wildcat Bluff Nature Center members.
So if you were looking for more fun activities for you and your child this may be just what you are looking for. Wildcat Bluff Nature Center is located at 2301 N Soncy.

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