Nobody likes losing sleep.  Sleep is precious.  However, it is inevitable we are going to lose an hour of sleep Saturday night because of the time change.    Daylight Saving Time starts.  I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to having more daylight.  I don't like it getting dark at 6pm.


So you need to be prepared on Saturday before you go to bed because you don't want to be one of those people that walk into church an hour late, or show up to your parents house for dinner and hour late, make sure you set your clock forward one hour on Saturday night.

The great thing about Daylight Saving time is the days will last longer.  However if you are early to bed, you still have to deal with the light shining into your windows.  If you have a child that has a certain bedtime, you'll probably have a couple of fights.  "Mom, I can't go to sleep, the sun is still up."


Of course you have to deal with your body adjusting to the new schedule.  Hey, guess what, you're wide awake at 4:30am.  You'll hear this over and over and over, "I HATE the time change."

It's only for a little while, you'll get your hour back on November 6th.