So as I left the radio station on Friday I told Braden I had to go to United. I haven’t been to Market Street since the end of August. I was out of well everything. Besides my daughter was coming to town this week. I had plenty of food for me but she needed healthy snacks. So off to the store I went.
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Not only did I load up my cart but it was overflowing. When I went to check out I got an even bigger cart to make carry out even easier. As I was checking out I noticed they had a new promotion. Getting people ready for the Holiday’s. Dishes were up for grabs. I thought there really couldn’t be anything I needed.
While my groceries were being rang up and the price kept going higher I looked at the flyer. One thing really caught my eye.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
The serving platter. I have one...but apparently I used it one too many times to actually carve the turkey. I know I shouldn’t have. But here we are. Way too many carving marks in this plastic platter. I needed something better.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
I looked and the cost was $9.99 with 30 digital coupons. How close would I get on my one trip in. I rang in just under $300. Yes expensive but I have not shopped since end of August. So here we are.
I got 27 coupons. So I am so close. Ready to buy my serving platter. Yes I need and deserve it. Hey maybe I will collect more points and collect dishes for my daughter too. I’m good with that.

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