There is a lot of togetherness this time of year. There is also a lot of stress. You want to make sure that your relationship does not become a casualty.

Here are some ways that holiday issues can come up and how to avoid the drama this season.

You know there will be gift giving between the two of you. What is one of you puts in way more effort into their gift or spends more? You can avoid this by agreeing on a budge and sticking to it.

This is also the time that drama could arise with the in-laws. It's easy for family stress to cause problems in your relationship too. This is especially true if one of you already have issues with the other family. So as a couple make sure you are mindful of it.....try to stay on the same team.

Of course two separate families means possibly two separate holiday traditions that could clash. Just try to compromise. Either try to incorporate both of your traditions or take turns every year. Do one this year and the other one next year.

Of course there is a lot of alcohol this time of year and that could cause a problem too. So try to limit the drinking.

Don't let the resentment build up over where you're spending the holidays. Your significant other might say they don't care where you spend it....but they may secretly wish they could have a year with their family. Be aware of that problem and don't let it sneak up on you.

Of course there is a lot of holiday spending. This could cause issues if you are not honest about how much you are spending. It could cause a lot of issues if you go way over-budget. Let's face it this is an expensive time of year with all the gifts, travel, parties and decorations. So make sure you make a budget together and stick to it.

You can make it through with little drama. It will take a lot of love, patience and communication!


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