It was almost two years ago when I was so mad at Walgreens for changing the way their rewards program worked. It used to be that if you had the rewards dollars you can spend how many you had however you wanted.

That all changed. They decided you can only spend $5 at a time. That made me mad because I would shop at Walgreens and save all my reward dollars for my daughter to use at Christmas time. So I was so upset when that was taken away from me. I wrote about that disappointment back in November of 2018.

So how did it take me so long to discover that they changed their policy yet again? I mean this was the best news possible and I only realized it when I received an email from Walgreens letting me know I had $20 in rewards dollars to spend. Not that I had $5 to spend. So I started researching to find out when this change was made. I mean this is great news.

credit: Melissa Bartlett Walgreens Rewards Account
credit: Melissa Bartlett Walgreens Rewards Account

So with my research I found out that they went back to letting you cash in up to $50 per transaction. I mean that is wonderful. When it was only $5. In case you didn't know this already it changed a year ago. A whole year ago. How did I not know about this?

So now I can go back to being all happy with Walgreens. I mean I can now save my points again and let my daughter use them when she needs them. Whether she uses them at Christmas time to buy presents. Hey $50 goes a lot further than the $5 they use to allow. Or heck if she just needs the extra money to get some much needed cleaning supplies or makeup. I love this change so so much.

Oh and I was today years old when I discovered this great change has happened.

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