We always joke that there is a National Day for just about anything? Correct? National Puppy Day, National Napping Day were some recent ones.

Today is a day that we can celebrate that day that doesn't actually have a day! It is "Make Up Your Own Holiday Day." This sounds like fun.

So it got me to thinking of some Holiday's that Amarillo should celebrate. What do you think? Do you think we should have an Amarillo Sod Poodles Day? I mean they kick off their home season coming up on April 8th here in Hodgetown. I feel that should be a holiday.

Maybe we can have I-40 Construction Day? Or heck Construction Day in general. Since it seems Amarillo has them some construction going on all around us!

I feel we need a National Whatabuger Day. Or maybe just a Taquito Day? What about a Taco Villa Day? We seem to, as Amarilloan's really love those places. I see more people complain about missing those establishments when they move away.

Maybe we need a day to celebrate a day without wind. I mean of course that would be a floating holiday. We never know when and if that is ever going to happen.

I feel we should also celebrate a "Hey the Amarillo Bulls Made it to the Play-offs"! Yes, we are due that celebration! Their first home games in the playoffs happen on April 12th and 13th. So we have some celebrating to do.

I even think maybe we need a National Chicken Fried Steak Day here in Amarillo. I mean a day to go out and try all of our great recipes. Youngbloods, Green Chili Willies to name a couple. I can get behind that.

Or what about National BBQ Day? We can visit Tyler's, Delvin's, Spicy Mike's or any of our other delicious establishments.

So on this day that we can make up any other holiday, what one do we need here in Amarillo? Let's establish a day and make it a thing! Comment below,


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