So we got the dreaded little bit of snow yesterday. With that came some very slippery sidewalks. I always fear falling in front of everyone.

Part of me is because i don't want to get hurt. But let's face it....I also don't want the embarrassment of it all.

I don't want to hurt my pride or my body. Even if there is salt put down on the sidewalk there can still be slick spots. So I was thinking yesterday as I was carefully walking into work how you can avoid those injuries.

So if you do find yourself falling, either on the ice or just being clumsy; these tips can help you.

First off if you do fall do NOT put your arms out in front of you to catch you. That is how you can injure your wrist. I know that is pretty much your instinct to catch yourself but don't do it.

Also don't tense up your body that could actually increase your chance of injury as well. So what do you do? Well try to let your body go as you fall. I know that seems weird. Think of yourself as a "sack of potatoes". Shift your weight to your legs. Try to tuck your arms up to protect your face and head and then just fall to the ground.

Hey if you can find a way to even fall on your side or your behind even better. You may end up with a bruise but heck that is much better than ending up with a broken bone.

You need to make sure you take it slow as you are getting up. Start off getting on all fours. Then stand up slowly and center your weight underneath you.

I was always told when you are walking on the ice....walk like a penguin. Picture it. Really. Your legs going side to side. I have done it. It may seem silly. Oh and you don't have to be obvious that you are doing it. But it does help you on ice. I am not even sure.

Do you have any tips on the ice? How to fall? Get up? Or avoid falling at all? Comment below.

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