I know we are extremely busy. Running from work...to home....to the kids sports practices. You do, though, have time to eat healthy.

I know it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to eat healthy but here are some helpful tips to do just that.

For starters don't be afraid to use your microwave. The belief is that nuked food is toxic or stripped of its nutrition.....but there is no solid evidence to show that. Trust me that using the microwave is a lot healthier than driving through and getting that greasy burger.

On the weekend you should find time to cook many meals and eat them throughout the week. This is my favorite way to eat healthy. I may make a roast.....or some stir fry. I just try to find something to cook in batches....and then make single serving meals to grab and heat up in microwave throughout the week. It is a time saver....and much better for me.

Make sure you have some healthy snacks with you. There is nothing wrong with snacking.....as long as you do it right. Grab a piece of fruit....nuts...a protein bar...even a hard boiled egg. If you have snacks like that available it will be better for you to snack on than grabbing that candy bar....that you will regret later eating.

If you just plan it out...you can find plenty of time to eat healthy. You will feel much better about yourself at the end of the day.

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