Have you heard about microplastics? I mean probably. They are all around us. They are tiny pieces of plastic.

Of course over the past hundreds of years we have thrown away more than our fair share of plastic. From water bottles to storage containers. As those are broken down into those tiny particles they end up making their way into the air and even our water supply.

That is not good news. Those microplastics have even made their way into the arctic snow recently. They are all around.

With all those particles in the water and even air we breathe we end up ingesting at least 74 thousand microplastic particles each year. Again, that can't be good.

So we need to take the steps to limit our exposure. This is how we can do that.

One big suggestion is to stop drinking bottled water. I don't think that is one I, myself, can follow. Just so you know tap water has half as many micropastics as bottled water does. Though, unless you have well water here....I am not a huge fan of Amarillo water.

I would agree with stopping the habit of using the microwave to heat food in plastic containers. Even if the container says "microwave safe" I still wouldn't do it. Opt for glass containers. Those plastic ones could be seeping plastic into your food.

Clean your house a bit more. Dust can be a big culprit of those microplastics. They make up a lot of the dust particles in your house. So get the vacuum out and the good ol' dust rag and get to cleaning.

If you tend to eat more packaged food, stop that too. Get more fresh foods. Foods that are wrapped in plastic and even canned foods can be leading to your increase of microplastic in your body.

So just by taking a few simple steps you could lead yourself on your way to a healthier life.

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