I don't know why this had to be something that I would find on Facebook. I mean I would think this was a no brainer. I never thought that it would seem like a good idea to take your drone out for a ride over Pantex.

Who Thinks Pantex and Drones Go Together Anyway?

I never had a morning that I would wake up thinking that was a good idea anyway. Now as I was scrolling through Facebook it seems Pantex had to put out a sponsored ad saying just that.

You do know that Pantex is a government facility? You do know what they do out at Pantex? Right? We are called Bomb Town for a reason. So why would you think this would end well and this is what you need to do in your spare time. I just don't get it.

They Had To Send Out a Press Release, Why?

I would feel this is a statement that could go without saying. But no, they had to let you know anyway.

Come on people.

credit: Pantex
credit: Pantex

Plus how tough would you sound going to jail and they ask you what you did to wind up in jail? Even other criminals would think you were pretty stupid if this was your response. "I flew my drone over Pantex." Since, yes, you could face not only civil penalties but also criminal charges.

So if you go out and want to take that drone for a whirl, I get it, you want to get some great shots. Just make sure you do something smart with it and stay away from Pantex. That is just my little piece of advice to you.

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