My Monday was not the day I hoped it would be. I had the day off from the bank so I thought I would have some time to myself. That did not happen the way I wanted it to but it all played out for a reason.

I went and got a car wash. I got home and decided to fill up my tires since low tire pressure came on. I used an air pump that came with my car and plugs into car to use.

Once they were full my car wouldn’t start. The radio would come on but the car wouldn't start. I thought maybe it was the starter or the alternator. I wasn't sure. I thought great it was my day off from the bank why would I get an actual day to relax.

I called AAA and thought to get it towed to The Pit Stop. My go to car fixer upper. I called them and they suggested it may just be the battery (first time this story led me to where I needed to be).

Ricky’s Towing got to my house and jumped the battery. They suggested I go and take it to one of two places to test the battery.since I always go to Autozone I opted to go there (2nd time this led me where I needed to be). I went to Autozone and they told me that my battery was bad and that I needed a new battery. They could not install it for me so they suggested that I take it to Meineke. I have never gone there....but I needed a new battery so off I went.

When I got there I noticed a family sitting there

They had something wrong with their car. I’m not even sure what. I saw when they gave the estimate that it was not something they could afford.

I could tell they were stressed. They already had 3 kids with them. They had their hands full. I waited a bit and then walked up and asked them how much their estimate I think they were going to walk out. They told me about $235. I told them I would cover it for them.

They couldn’t believe it. Now before you give me kudos and all that....that was not my motive behind it. Back when Faith was growing up I was struggling to make ends meet and I had someone help me out.

Here is the letter and money.  I never forgot this. EVER! It made me cry that day because I so needed the help but it made me tear up today finding the first person to help out.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I’m not done helping. I’m not done paying it forward but helping this family was all about me being at the right place at the right time. I was going to have my car towed elsewhere.I never thought I just needed a new battery. There were a chain of people who had me go one place and end up at Meineke. I was there for a reason.