Have you ever got in your car and turned on the radio and your favorite song came on? Right there at that moment you realized you were going to have a great day.

Can music make or break your day? It really can. It does an even better job if you listen to a whole album. If you don't know what that is.....well it's a whole collection of songs from the same artist.

During a recent study almost 85% of people admitted that  listening to albums helped them to relax. It improved their moods. If they were totally down the music was able to turn that all around.

Is there anything that could also help with the boosting of your mood. Well food was able to do that too....the downfall is the calories associated with that action.

You can also try reading or exercising. At least those two options are healthier for you in the long run. A good ol' fashioned nap also was a great way to lift the spirits. So pick one when you are down in the dumps.

The easiest one that doesn't interrupt your day much is turning on some music and dancing along.

What do you find to be the quickest way to boost your mood when you are needing it the most? Comment below.


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