Sleeping is already tough enough on us when we don't include all the myths that we may believe.What about all the things that we believe that may actually make it harder to sleep?

A lot of us think that drinking alcohol before bed helps us sleep. Alcohol actually messes with the quality of sleep you get. So even though you may knock out from the drinks you will not stay asleep. The problem with that is then you wake up feeling even less rested. It's hard to get through a day feeling like that.

Do you tend to fall asleep with the TV on? Do you think that makes you sleep better? Maybe it's the thought of having background noise that you think helps you to sleep easier. Well that is just a myth. The truth is that the blue light from your TV screen or even your phone ends up keeping you up more at night.

Have you heard that sleeping on your left side helps you with your digestion. Do you think that is true? It turns out that is just a theory. No proof behind it. There is no evidence to support that it even helps you at all.

Do you think that the older you get the less sleep your body needs? That seems to be a myth a lot of people believe. The truth is that teenagers should get up to 9 hours of sleep compared to seven or eight hours for the rest of us. You don't need less sleep as you get older. You still need to get up to 7 or 8.

Are there any other sleep myths you have thought we true. Maybe we can find some research to either back it up or debunk it. Comment below.

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