It is definitely the dog days of summer. With temperatures near and above one hundred for the next several days, it is important to keep an eye on your dogs. Some people think that my dogs are used to being outside.

Nobody is used to these hot temperatures. Oh, and they are covered in hair so definitely not. If they are outside you also have to think of the ground temperature. It can be worse than the heat you are experiencing yourself. You wouldn't want to walk outside barefoot. So why do some think that a dog can handle it?

They can't. Did you know that your dogs can experience a heat stroke? If they do they may be minutes away from being able to do anything to help them. That is why during the heat of the day if you can keep them inside that is the best.

If you can't you need to keep an eye on them. There are some signs of a heat stroke that you need to be aware of:

  • Watch how they are walking, if they are staggering that could be an indication.
  • Do they seem to be more tired than usual for no reason?
  • Are they having trouble breathing? Panting more than usual?
  • Are they really thirsty? More than they should be.
  • Check their mouth for hints. Their tongue may be bright red. Their saliva may be really thick.
  • How is their heartbeat? Is it beating extremely fast?
  • Are they throwing up or having diarrhea?

These may be signs that something is wrong and your dog has developed heatstroke. Their body may go into shock. So if this is the case you can try to cool them off. Use cool water and not cold water. You would think that giving your dog a lot of water would help. Don't overwater them. A fan could help. If you don't have one available definitely get them out of the sun.

Keep an eye on them and take their temperature. Anything sitting at 106 degrees or higher is a sign of a heat stroke and is very dangerous. Get them to the vet if you can't get their temperature down. Seconds matter so don't leave them alone.

Keep your dogs safe this summer and out of the dangerous heat.

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