It’s hard to be a mom, right? Even after the age of 18 it doesn’t get any easier.

My daughter lives in the Dallas area. Over a month ago she made plans. A friend from Amarillo was coming to visit. They would go to Six Flags among everything else.

Her friend got to town last night. The same time this threat came to be:

credit: Arlington Urban

Faith sent it to me and asked what I thought. As a mom you want to have all the answers. You just do.

In one hand I told her that usually, if they are serious, there is no warning. Did we have one for September 11th, El Paso, or Dayton (etc)? In the other hand I don’t want to be wrong.

I felt a little better when I saw this.....

credit: Arlington Police, TX Facebook

When she asked me I wondered what I should tell her? I ended up telling her if you live in fear then they win. I also felt that since the Arlington Police knew about this and said they would have extra protection well maybe today would be the safest day for her to go.

Can we admit it that as a parent we don't have a handbook.....or rules to live by....especially about a situation like this.

I want her to be able to have fun. I want her to be safe too. I am correct when I say you can't live in fear. That is the right answer. Can we also say that as a parent that is all we do. I know she is heading out to the park here in just a bit. I know, as a mom, I will not feel any sense of calm until I know she is home.

To be continued......