We all know that Halloween comes with a lot of candy. Candy comes with extra calories and that comes with extra weight.

At least there is an easy way this Halloween season to burn some of those calories and it is as easy as watching scary movies.

Yep, getting your heart rate up helps to burn those calories and scary movies help you get that rate up.

A study found that watching a 90 minute scary movie can burn about 150 calories. Here are a few movies that help get that heart rate up.

"The Shining" helps you burn 184 calories and that is if you just watch 90 minutes of it....the movie is actually almost 2 and a half hours so that equates to about 300 calories.

"The Exorcist" helps you to burn 158 calories.

"Saw" only about 133 calories.

The movie I grew up loving "A Nightmare on Elm Street burns about 120 calories.

So yes you can exercise to burn those calories too....but at this time of year who doesn't like a good scare?

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