You love cake. I mean who doesn't? Heck I mean desserts in general. You, though are trying to be healthy. There is a way to have your just desserts and lose weight.

I know this sounds like a dream here but hear me out.There has been a study that if you order dessert first you could lose weight.

There was a study where researchers watched people ordering food. If they ordered dessert BEFORE they ordered their food they would tend to eat less calories. They plan on keeping their calories in check to accommodate their dessert.

They eat the same amount of calories with or without the dessert. They just compensated for the cake calories when they knew they were going to have that dessert. I know that they also miss out on some of the nutrients....but it is OK every once in a while. It is not going to make or break your weight loss goals.

Which is great news! It would be great to order a piece of cheesecake every once in a while and maybe eating a little less of my meal. Take home half of it for later. I get to have my cake and eat it too.


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