Lately my mind has been blown on the massive amounts of lost pets I have seen popping up on social media.

I found these dogs, I can't keep them, do you know the owners...looks like these dogs were just dropped off and left can someone foster...this cat is covered in fleas and starving I can't keep, don't want to take to the pound.

It just seems like more and more pets are being abandoned and not claimed.  This isn't a good thing.  All of our shelters in the area are busting at the seams with animals, strays, unclaimed, etc.

I don't understand it, One of my cats disappeared 7 months ago and it broke my heart, I searched, I had fliers posted, I checked the pound all the time.  I still look for him.  I  just don't understand how an owner could just abandon their pet on purpose.

We need to stop this soon.  These animals deserve better.  They give unconditional love and they deserve a family who will give it back.

The Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare are hosting a special day on August 18th.  It's the Clean Out the Shelter Day.   They need your help in finding new homes for all the dogs and cats currently residing at the AAM&W.    On that Saturday, they are offering reduced adoption fees.  Adoption for dogs will be $35 and $25 for cats.  Adoption fees include microchip, rabies vaccination, and spay/neuter surgery for the animal.

I know you can always go out and get a "free" dog or cat, or buy a "full blooded" animal, but keep in mind the shelter always has full blooded breeds, and that free dog or cat you can get isn't free, it will cost you well over $100 for shots, spay & neuter, and microchip.

At least when you help the AAM&W on Clear the Shelter Day you are saving the life of a dog or cat.

Make plans for Saturday, August 18th to save the life of an animal and add a new member to your family.

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