Every year when Spring rolls around the High Plains Food Bank plants a huge garden so that the people they serve can have fresh fruits vegetables on their table.  A lot of the food grown in the garden also goes to the HPFB Kids Cafe program.  It takes a lot of time and planning to help a garden this big grow and time to reap the benefits.  The HPFB needs volunteers to help out in the garden.

If you have a green thumb or even if you don't, you can still help with the garden.  They are looking for volunteers to help.    The following are times they need help in the garden.

Monday: 1pm-4:30pm -- Tues-Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and Saturdays upon request (9:00am-noon)

If you are available to help or you have a teenager who is out of school looking for something to do, then sign up to help out the High Plains Food Bank Garden.

CLICK HERE to volunteer.