So recently we took a trip down memory lane. We had the discussion of which Amarillo Restaurants were gone from Amarillo but man you surely miss it. There were many great Amarillo restaurants that we are sad to see are no longer around.

Country Pride was definitely one that was mentioned. No, it is not opening back up. We can dream though, right? Their enchiladas were the bomb. You can't order them but you can have the next best thing.  You know what I am talking about. You can actually make them at home.

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I had a friend who made the recipe. She even brought some leftovers for some of us to try. I will tell you wow!

She went home one night from work and tried a recipe she found online for Country Pride's famous enchiladas. If you ever went there, and who didn't? You have probably been Jonesing for that delicious recipe.

Looking at her post she said they really did taste similar. She even went as far to get on Amazon and order the metal plates similar to what they were served on at Country Pride. Now anytime she makes the recipe she can also have them on an authentic plate.

credit: Amazon

Check out these enchiladas.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Even as leftovers they were great. The closest I have ever tried since the doors of Country Pride closed. If you are also missing these fabulous enchiladas give this recipe a try.

credit: Raymond Winerger, Amarillo TX

So try it out for yourself. Comment below what you thought of the recipe. You are welcome! I will take any leftovers if you have them.


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