Apparently Christmas to us includes vet visits and getting our cats spayed.'Tis the season....right?
I know that seems ridiculous and it all really was by chance.
Faith got a cat a few months ago and wanted to be responsible and get her fixed. She called up to Hope Veterinary to see when she can get her spayed and her shots.
They set up an appointment which happened to be over my Christmas vacation which meant yes, I got to be the cats dropper and picker upper for this appointment. I got to be the one to fill out her health history (now mind you I have only seen her a couple times).
I also got to be the one to pay for this appointment. Though, I agree wholeheartedly in getting your animals fixed. It IS the responsible thing! It is!
Looking back at Timehop yep exactly 9 years ago on this exact date I was taking my own cat, Twilight, in. So ‘tis the season apparently.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
I did find the humor and maybe the irony and told my daughter she should change her cats name.
I feel that the name, Mamas, is cruel for a cat who just had surgery so she will never become one. But I guess that is just me!

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