Are you having the argument at home about getting a pet? I can help you win this one. I mean if you are in favor of getting one.

Did you know that having a pet is great for your health? Especially if you spend at least 10 minutes a day with your cat or your dog. That 10 minutes will lower your stress levels of cortisol.

We already know that playing with an animal makes us happy. Happiness, in turn, helps you experience more positive emotions. A smile on your face is all that you need. Do you think that exposure to animals and general happiness go hand in hand?

Well they do. You seem to be more calm after a session of time spent with a dog or cat. Your mental health improves and your physical health does too. All by having and spending time with a pet.

So if you are having a family discussion about whether you have the time if takes to have an animal. We all know that it is a time commitment. It's good to know that it also is a commitment to your general well being.

Your family will be much happier. The animal will be much happier in a stable environment. Your home can become that stable environment because you have a pet. So it really turns out to be a win win situation.


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