You spend a lot of time in your car. You travel to work and jam out with the radio blasting. You may even take a road trip in it.

Some people live out of their car. You need something, they have it in there. If you were to think about it what would you consider to be the germiest part of your car?

Your steering wheel? That is what most people would think. It makes sense. Your hands are all over that. Maybe the door handle? I mean we touch that a lot too. Still would not be the correct answer.

Oh I got it! The gear shifter? Nope still not it! Though that makes sense too. There was research done with a bunch of swab tests and we finally know the correct answer.

It would actually be the floor mat. Yeah, I get that. We bring so much stuff into the car from our feet. Just think of all the stuff we step in on a daily basis. Yep, they would be the grossest place in the car.

Just think that the average floor mad had about three times more bacteria than the steering wheel. It's not even close. That is gross.

The next dirtiest part in the car would be our drink holder in the front seat. It gets use a lot and a lot of stuff spilled in there. So that too makes sense.

So it probably wouldn't hurt to wipe down the inside of the car. Maybe even invest in those rubber floor mats that you can seriously spray down with a hose. I mean the cleaner the better.


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