We are spending a lot more time in our house. It is spring and spring cleaning is here. I think this year with all the virus talk we are probably cleaning a lot more. Wiping down surfaces we haven't thought of before.

We want our homes to be clean but right now we really want them to be virus free too. So we may be doing some extra spring cleaning to help us along the way. The problem is we need to be making sure that we are actually using the right kind of cleaners. We need to be sure not to be mixing different kinds that can bring us bigger problems.

The easiest way to avoid this is to stick with one kind of cleaner in every room. If we are in the bathroom use a cleaner with bleach....but stick with it. Don't go looking to add a product that also contains ammonia. That is a dangerous combination. To keep safe I keep ammonia out of the house. I don't like the smell of it anyway. If you end up mixing it with bleach you will end up with a chloramine gas. The problem is that windex also contains ammonia so check those labels.

Another deadly combination is if you are cleaning with vinegar, which is a good and natural cleanser. Just make sure you don't get it mixed with bleach. You are wiping everything down with vinegar and you forget and reach for a bleach wipe. Not a good combo either. That combination can make chlorine gas. Yeah get out of the house if that happens. Chlorine gas was used as a chemical weapon at one time. So you definitely don't want to be around that.

Another bad mixture with vinegar is if you decide to up your game and clean with hydrogen peroxide. If those two cleansers mix it makes another toxic compound called peracetic acid. That too will cause a lot of respiratory issues. Again get out of the house.

Again reading labels and sticking to one kind of cleanser is your best bet. Stay clean, fight the virus but also stay safe.

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