You have always wanted to play an instrument. It would make you cool at parties. Are there other reasons you should learn to play one?

I mean it is never too late. There are ways that playing an instrument can have a positive impact on your life.

There are physical benefits to learning. Playing an instrument is great for your hand-eye coordination. As we get older this is really important. You need to keep your brain working in ways it hasn't. You don't want your brain cells to waste away. The more you get to learning new things the easier it is to protect you from Alzheimer's.

You can also reap the health benefits of playing an instrument. Strumming a guitar or beating on a drum can relieve stress. We all know that stress is the root cause of a lot of health issues. There has also been studies done and the more into playing you get playing could also work as a painkiller. That is great news to get the benefits without having to pop any pills.

The social benefits to playing an instrument is important too. Just think about walking into a party with your guitar. Not only will you be a hit when you start playing but it will also help boost the levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin Increasing those levels help you promote social bonding.

If all that was not enough, just consider the emotional benefits of playing an instrument. Studies have shown that you tend to become more creative. Not only that but your levels of confidence goes through the roof. If you have a kid with ADHD they are sometimes encouraged to play to help focus their energy.

So no matter why you choose to learn to play an instrument it can actually help you in many areas of your life.

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