I go to bed every night and grab a bottle of water. I like to leave it on my nightstand just in case I need a sip throughout the night. I don't want to have to get up and risk waking my dog or cat up.

Yes, I know who rules my house. I wake up with my alarm and I sometimes reach for that water for my first drink of the day. Is that OK? I mean it was sitting out all night. Hey, it was a bottle with a cap. Is that better?

I never really thought about that until now. I'm actually that person who likes to save the environment a little. I mean I will use the same water bottle for awhile. Is that a bad idea too? Another thing I never really even cared about. Well until now.

Apparently both of those ideas are not the safest ideas. Especially if you have already taken a sip out of either bottle. The moment you drink out of it the time has become limited as far as healthy goes.

Once you take that initial drink then bacteria from your mouth and lips ends up getting in your bottle. They then start the process of multiplying. Now since for the most part it's your own bacteria you probably won't get since.....but there still is that chance. Now if you share that bottle with anyone else it becomes even riskier.

It really doesn't matter if you use tap or bottled water. Once you take a sip it's going down fast. If you happen to drink out of a bottle that has been sitting in your car is even worse. That heat from your car that the sun produces will speed up the growth of that bacteria in your bottle.

So the safest thing to do is once you take one sip out of a bottle of water....know that the time is limited. You should plan to throw that bottle out the same day. I feel now I must take a trip to my refrigerator and toss all of those bottles that are being stored in there. The ones I have already drank out of and then decided to refill. I thought I was doing the responsible thing....but apparently what is  good for the environment isn't necessarily good for your helath.


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