Nothing ruins a weekend more than worrying about the work week ahead of us. Sometimes it is just the dread of having to worry about the work load you may be facing.

It may be that you hate having to be on a schedule. The thought of that alarm going off and you having to get up and ready. Do you feel like you sometimes waste away part of your weekend with the anxiety of having to get back to work after the weekend?

If you do you are not alone. A whopping 88% of people in a recent survey say that they do feel at least a little bit of anxiety on Sunday. Yep, that thought of going back stresses us out a bit.

What time do you think we start feeling that anxiety creep up? On average it is about 3:58 pm. So we do waste a bit of our time on Sunday feeling all anxious. It seems that anxiety is compounded by the fact that we spend a lot of our time on the weekend working.

We may be checking email or looking over files. Either way we usually spend about 3 hours over the weekend, unpaid, So add that into the anxiety we feel about the weekend being about over.

No wonder we are a stressed out society. We can't even enjoy a couple days away.

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