I am such a big fan of wearing contacts. I only wear glasses at home oh and only at bed time. I know I should let my eyes breath more but hear me out.

I was in the 7th grade when my math grades took a hit. It was because I couldn't see the overhead projector. I was too proud to sit up front. I am a bit stubborn. I never wanted to admit I couldn't see. So I got glasses. I hated them.

My next option years later was to get contacts. Yep, that saved my eyes and my grades. It sure did at the time.

Here we are now in 2020. A lot of us are stuck at home. So which is better now in our age of Covid-19? Should we wear our contacts? Should we wear our glasses? There is actually scientific backup.

If you were to decide for yourself which way would you lean? How about wearing glasses? If you chose that route you would be correct. Why? Because if you have glasses on you are less likely to touch your face.

I know if you have part of your face covered up it can help in keeping you protected. The jury is still out whether you can spread the virus through eye contact but why take the chance?

The more you can avoid touching your face the better. The more you can cover or protect the better. Just know the most important thing is to wash your hands. How many more ways or different ways can we say this?

Let's all keep us all protected. We will get through this together at lease 6 ft apart.


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