We all know that dogs are a (wo)man's best friend. They make everyone feel better. They bring joy to your life and they can help you live longer.

It is great news when there is a study to back it up too. What good news to find that people with dogs are less likely to die young. Isn't that a breath of fresh air. Oh and that fresh air can too help you live longer.

Having a dog can reduce your risk of dying from heart disease by 31%. Even if you do end up having a heart attack or stroke, having a dog tends to help their owner recover faster from it.

What if you live alone? Having a dog proves to have an even bigger difference. Companionship has a lot to do with it. You may not have a spouse or kids to go home to....but just having that wagging tail.....that dog that is so happy to see you helps you in every way.

Why is it that dogs can do so much for you? Besides from just the pure companionship there is also the exercise factor.Having a dog can get you out of the house. People who walk their dogs get up to 30 more minutes of exercise a day. If that is not enough to run out and get a dog....or love on the one you have even more. The fact that you pet your dog has been shown to lower blood pressure as well.

Having a dog improves your life so much. You get constant companionship, exercise and affection. What more could you ask for?


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