When was the last time you headed home from work and you were a little stressed out? Was it yesterday? Last week?

Who was home to greet you when you first made it through the door? Was it your dog? Your cat? How did they react? Did they at all?

We all know that when we are super stressed out it tends to affect the people you are closest to but how does it affect your animals? It tends to stress them out too. I mean especially the animals that are paying attention.

Have you ever got home and plopped down on the couch upset and notice your dogs coming up to you and giving you the attention you need? Do you have a cat that chooses then to curl up in your lap?

Well if it is your cat they probably are not consoling you. It may just be a coincidence. Cats don't pay too much attention. Those dogs sure do. They can read your emotions. If you are stressed just know your dogs are probably stressed too.

Your dogs are very much emotionally dependent on you and they can read your emotions. They also tend to take them on. So if you are sad. So are they. If you are stressed. Guess what? You are stressing them out too.

The good news is that if you are happy that will be their mood as well. Dogs they are great! They want you to feel happy. They are even happier if they can help you with your mood.


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