So we know that a lot of people are wearing masks when they go out of the house these days. I see conflicting stories about whether they are necessary or not. I don't have one to wear. If it becomes a thing that we HAVE to wear them I will figure something out.

I have noticed that people who wear glasses may have a harder time with wearing a mask. I can only imagine that wearing one can make it easy to fog up your glasses. Have you experienced that at all?

There are some things that you can try if that is a problem for you. The easiest fix would be to make sure you have your mask on tight enough. The more of your breath that escapes from the top of your mask the more foggy problem you could have. Make sure it is tied tight.

Another thing you can try is to find a kleenex or maybe even some toilet paper (if that is available.) Make sure you fold whatever you are using a few times and insert that in your mask right at the top. That tissue will help absorb the moisture and help with letting any escape to fog up your glasses.

A third thing I found was that if you wash your lenses with warm soapy water the soap will put a barrier on your lenses that will keep them from fogging up. Hey if it is good enough for surgeons to try.

Have you found any tried and true tricks to keep your glasses fog free? If so comment below.

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