I don't think there was a person here in the Texas Panhandle that was not some how affected by the recent pandemic. Maybe you lost your job and struggled with finances. You or a family member may have had to miss out on a big event, like graduation, prom, a birthday celebration or wedding.

Somehow everyone had something that they weren't really prepared for during an uncertain time. Did you ever think who all that alone time was tougher on? Do you think it was tougher on the introverts, who already spend a lot of time alone? Or do you think it was a stretch for those extroverts who now can't go anywhere?

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Think about that for a moment. Oh and while you are thinking which category do you find yourself in? I really think I am a good mixture of both. I have my moments that I really want to be out with friends. Then there are those moments that I just want to head home and binge watch something on Netflix for the weekend.

So back to my question about the pandemic. The time in lockdown and self quarantining  was actually tougher on the introverts. I know that seems weird because they already liked to be alone. The problem is that they were even more alone during all this. So it has caused problems.

The other part of this is that some of the extroverts were quicker to find other forms of communication. They didn't stay alone. They zoomed, they went on virtual dates, some still went out and hung out with friends. They just made sure they kept their social distancing going.

So hopefully as we wind up on 2020 and head to 2021 we can get back to all the stuff we have been kept away from for so long.

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