You know it is important to relax. If you think back and reflect on all that we have faced in 2020 you know this is true. You need to just calm down. If you can master that you will have many health benefits.

Here are some ways to help yourself relax:

Did you know that eating a banana is on this list? Why? Well bananas have potassium and that helps you regulate your blood pressure. Which is good because when your blood pressure is low you will have a much easier time dealing with the stress. This is something I have to start working on. My blood pressure is pretty elevated. I got put on medicine this year for it. So maybe a banana a day will keep the doctor away.

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Fresh cut grass has a specific chemical that relaxes us and makes us feel happy. So get outside and mow the grass. Plus you will have the added bonus of getting out in the sun. What is more relaxing than that? I mean being able to know something off your chores list has to help.

Do you sit at your desk all day typing on a computer? Most people do. If so you should take a break and massage your hand. It is quick and will help you to relax by releasing endorphins.

Listening to music is another great way to relax. Music will help you by slowing down your heart rate. It will also help with lowering your blood pressure. As an added bonus it will also help out with blocking stress hormones. There have been studies that classical music works the best with this. Don't worry if you don't enjoy classical music because the key is that any music you actually like will work.

So as you are looking for ways to just relax a bit....go ahead and try a few of these tips. What do you find relaxes you the most? Comment below.

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