Are you one of those that get the hiccups a lot? I work with a girl that when she gets them the only way to cure them is to literally scare her. While THAT is fun hiccups can be irritating. Especially to the person who has them.

So why do we get them? What is their purpose? I mean is there one? Maybe it is to annoy yourself and everyone around you. Is that possible? Well there was a study and a group of scientists may have just figured out why we get them.

When you are first born you need to remember to breath. So hiccups are the way to trigger a huge wave of brain signals. Those signals help to teach the babies brains how to regulate breathing. Which is an important thing for a baby to learn. How to breathe. So can we all agree that yep that is an important thing to learn.

But what gives as you grow older? Are we not established enough to know how to breathe and therefore it makes hiccups pretty useless. Well the answer is Yes. They no longer sere a purpose. According to research hiccups are just like a hangover from early times in our life that just keeps on giving.

Totally useless but something we may still have to deal with. Thanks a lot for that little gift that keeps on giving.


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