Nobody likes to get sick right? The coughing, the burning throat, the extra sleep? I mean yes I know getting sick is not the best thing in the world. What, though, is the best?

That rare day that you really know you NEED to stay home from work. I have prided myself for years on not missing work. I don't miss a lot now as it is......but now when I get sick....I stay home.

I only get sick when I just work too much that I NEED to slow down a bit. There is nothing more magical than that day that you get to do just that. Rest and even rest all day. There are some other perks to staying home from work sick that really does make you feel better.

How about getting some "me time". How often does that happen? With all the kids activities, work activities, it just seems that the only way you can get away is to crawl into bed on a sick day.

Another perk to actually being sick is to be able to catch up on that much needed sleep. It is the one time you don't feel guilty about it. Or even just laying around all day. Do you really get to do that much either?

Another perk to being sick is when you can't sleep you may actually have some time to binge-watch your TV shows....maybe get to delete some stuff off your TiVo or DVR.

It's no surprise that almost 30% of us actually like getting sick once in a while because you can catch a break from those day-to-day responsibilities. I also will say that when your kiddo feels bad was another day I selfishly look back on secretly enjoying.

Outside of having to take them to the doctor you get to slow down with them for a day. It's a day that they need you...oh and you can enjoy all the perks above without yourself feeling sick. I miss having a child to take care all I get to do is take care of myself.

So if it takes a sick day to do it every once in awhile...I say OK.


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