Here we are after a crazy spring we have made it to summer. With summer comes the thoughts of summer vacations. After the interesting time we had this spring there is no doubt we need to get away. We need a vacation from 2020.

You feel that you and your family need to get out of good ol' Amarillo. Can we safely do that with the coronavirus still around? You can if you take some precautions. You will have to plan better and pack better.

First you have to decide where it is you are actually going to visit. You should take the time to see how they are dealing with the virus. Are they a hot spot? Are they open? That is definitely something you need to consider. Are any of the activities you want to experience even open? You don't want to travel all the way and find out Walley World is closed like the Griswald's discovered. The moose should have told them.

How are you going to get to your vacation location? Are you going to fly? If so you also need to read about their restrictions. Find out which airline you feel more comfortable flying with before you book. There will be more research going on this summer.

Are you going to drive? That is a great way for a lot of families. You also need to be prepared. Make sure you have hand sanitizer and wipes. They will really come in handy after you stop to fill up with gas. You don't want to touch all of these foreign surfaces and not be ready to wipe stuff down. It might be beneficial to bring your own snacks to limit your stops to the necessities.

If you are making reservations to stay at a hotel or an Airbnb you still need to be prepared. Grab some antibacterial wipes and wipe surfaces down. Wipe down the door handles, the remotes and faucets. Wipe down anything that anyone and everyone would have been touching before you. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Maybe you are planning to save some money and stay with friends or family. That could be very beneficial but you also need to make sure about the health of the people you are staying with. Make sure they haven't been a part of a big gathering right before you get there. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

What are your summer plans? Comment below.

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