Do you find your mornings really stressful? I mean I can only imagine between worrying about what your day has in store for you. You have to add in the stress of having the kiddos and hoping they are ready.

In a recent survey about two thirds of parents say they do not have enough time in the morning. I mean you could get up early but then you will be exhausted and will say there is not enough time in the night to sleep. I get it.

Here are the things most parents are stressed about in the morning. The things that can start your day off on a sour note.

  • The time it takes to get the kids out of bed. The game of them refusing to do so.
  • It taking an eternity for the kids to get dressed. You know inevitably a shoe will be missing.
  • The struggle to get everyone together and out the door in time.
  • The whole idea of what is for breakfast?
  • Making sure you have their lunches made and remembering to pack them.
  • Making sure they leave with a jacket and their backpack.
  • Oh and don't forget you have to find a way to get yourself ready too.
  • Then there are those mornings that you just accidentally hit snooze. Oh it feels good in the moment but then the thought of having to NOW get everything done in less time.
  • You know some days one of the kiddos will throw a tantrum. How long will it take to calm that down?
  • Dealing with the mess the kiddos leave in the kitchen. Someone spilled their milk oh and there is syrup all over the table. You know what I mean.

What other stresses do you, as a parent encounter in the mornings? Comment below.

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